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Greenboarder Roll-Up Classic Plus

Greenboarder Roll-Up Classic Plus
Greenboarder Roll-Up Classic Plus Greenboarder Roll-Up Classic Plus Greenboarder Roll-Up Classic Plus

Greenboarder is the first ecological and recyclable roll up that is made up 100% from cardboard. Looking for a one-time use, ecological and lightweight roll up display that expresses your “green” message? Then Greenboarder Roll-Up is the right choice! and the cardboard-roll-up is even more than just eco-friendly: it is also socially minded with little transport kilometers. Greenboarder Roll-Up is printed and set up in a sheltered workshop in Milan, Italy, and from there it is directly shipped to you, reducing the ecological footprint also in terms of transport kilometers.




Here you can order individual components of the system:

Greenboarder Roll-Up Banner

Greenboarder Roll-Up System


64,40 Euro

 Product no.: GBCC800

 Dispatch:2 Weeks 2 Weeks

plus shipping cost & VAT

Your retail price:
1 - 2 pcs. per 64,40 EUR
3 - 4 pcs. per 60,40 EUR
5 - 9 pcs. per 58,50 EUR
10 - 99 pcs. per 56,50 EUR
100 - 249 pcs. per 53,50 EUR
250 - 499 pcs. per 51,50 EUR
500 - 749 pcs. per 50,00 EUR
750 - 999 pcs. per 48,90 EUR
from 1000 pcs. per 46,50 EUR

Greenboarder Roll-Up Classic Plus: the classic basic version with a printed banner. We print the banner according to your layout and assemble it for you. All prints are with high-resolution and of first class quality.


  • base: natural brown cardboard, ready to use with printed greenboarder Label
  • banner support: three-part, natural brown cardboard
  • banner: with your layout printed paper banner, high-resolution digital print with environmental friendly water solvent HP Latex inks, preassembled and ready to use, banner rails natural brown
  • packed in single cartons for transport and storage 
  • product size: 2100x970x300mm (lxwxd) 
  • packing size: 270x1020x130mm
  • product weight: 2,4kg
  • packing weight: 3,0kg
  • keep cool and dry!


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