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„We think and display green“

Sustainable advertising displays made in Italy.

G R E E N B O A R D E R  -  Choose from 3 categories
Ecological rollup made of cardboard

Presenting in "green" is possible now!

Greenboarder is the first ecological and recyclable roll up that is made up 100% from cardboard. thus it is the perfect display for everyone who cares for nature. Greenboarder is a fully ecologically sustainable product for advertising and marketing. Looking for a one-time use, ecological and lightweight roll up display that expresses your “green” message? Then Greenboarder is the right choice! and the cardboard-roll-up is even more than just eco-friendly: it is also socially minded with little transport kilometers. While the classic roll up with aluminum base is produced far away in Asian countries, our roll up Greenboarder is printed and set up in a sheltered workshop in Milan, Italy, and from there it is directly shipped to you, reducing the ecological footprint also in terms of transport kilometers.


The Greenboarder story

Watch the Greenboarder video and learn more about our "green" heartbreaker! The video shows the development of this ecological and social sustainable roll-up. Enjoy!



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