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Are you looking for a one-sided display that is ecological and elegant at the same time? Then our Ecostand and Woodstand products are just the thing.

The natural alternatives to the wooden roll-up.

For frequent changes of your prints in continuous use as well as sustainable and ecological advertising at the POS, we offer you environmentally friendly wooden displays for your advertising in the showroom.
Easily replaceable, therefore ecologically reusable with environmentally friendly printing for easy replacement.Do yourself and the environment a favour and do without RollUps from Asia. Even RollUps made of bamboo do not grow in Europe and are imported by container ship. We, on the other hand, offer European quality made from FSC wood, manufactured in a family business and still inexpensive.
Your company's ecological footprint and better CSR balance will thank you.

Choose between our display Ecostand with patented magnetic technology or our display Woodstand for banners with hemstitch.



  System with print and bag






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