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Antonio Lanzillo„From the very start I was all fired up for Greenboarder“

Interview with the “Greenboarder” designer Antonio Lanzillo


Mister Lanzillo, regarding your work in the past, what projects were a particular pleasure for you to work on?
In my previous activities I was lucky enough to work on varied and multifaceted projects. From designing watches to kitchen appliances up to products like Greenboarder, were we only used one single material, cardboard. Another amazing example was the collaboration with the international company “Pantone Universe” for which we developed and manufactured various kitchen appliances in pantone colors.

How was the idea for the “Greenboarder” project born?
The company Kunstdünger and so sad “mother” of the Greenboarder came to me with the idea to make a fully recyclable and eco-friendly display. From the very start I was all fired up for the project and immediately it was clear to me that it had to be made of cardboard. Right after I worked out a set of concepts I searched for suitable partners who could help me make a display 100 percent made of cardboard. So I approached the protected workshop in Milan, whose director, Livio Pagnoncelli, is an expert in manufacturing with cardboard. After a year of development and intensive collaboration with the workshop and over 40 prototypes later, Greenboarder finally was ready and I´m very proud of the result!

Do you have more environmentally sustainable products such as Greenboarder up your sleeve?
I envision an entire line of display systems fully made out of cardboard that follow the footsteps of the Greenboarder philosophy. In addition, we are currently working on a successor of the Greenboarder, the Greenboarder 2.0. The biggest difference between the existing Greenboarder and the 2.0 version will be that the new one gets assembled but not printed in the workshop. From now on the customer is given the flexibility to print it itself.

About Antonio Lanzillo:
born in 1976 in Milan, the industrial designer Antonio Lanzillo got his degree in Industrial Design from the “Politecnico di Milano”. In 2001 he founded his own design studio “Antonio Lanzillo & Partners”. The studio is specialized in product design and communication in various sectors: from corporate identity to art direction up to corporate communication. His style is a synthesis of creativity and innovation deriving from research and intuition, always considering the environment. His inborn curiosity, respect for the past and the enthusiasm for the future are the engine of the designer. His work includes projects made for famous companies as: Technogym, Lorenz, Cucine Lube, Le Fablier, Mobirolo, Pantone, Indesit, Vasart. Since 2013 Lanzillo works closely with the Italian design factory Kunstdünger, the specialist for three dimensional forms of communication.



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