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GREENBOARDER® - What about presenting in “green”?

The realization of roll ups - mobile advertising displays with an extendable banner – didn’t harmonize with ecology and sustainability until now. 
The market’s standard was represented by “Made in Asia” aluminum products, often only used once and never again. A wasteful use of resources, polluting CO2 emissions for production and transport, and the issues linked to disposal were inadequately faced topics. In fact, the companies’ main goal was a low-cost production and import from foreign countries. This was until now: 

We accepted the challenge to combine low-cost production and sustainability and introduce you to the latest innovation: the new “roll in” GREENBOARDER®, that’s the name of our new banner stands. This display system is entirely produced in Europe according to social and environmental standards. 

GREENBOARDER® is the result of an intensive year of collaboration between Kunstdünger GmbH – the design company on the south side of the Alps – with the young Italian designer Antonio Lanzillo and the protected Italian cardboard workshop CLS, where mainly people with Down syndrome work.
The result of this network team is an innovative banner display that impresses with its modern design and, especially, with its inner values: eco-friendly, social, and sustainable. GREENBOARDER® shows what it is, just like the people behind it!

GREENBOARDER® is 100% “green”, an absolute eye catcher for your presentations! 
Our new “green roller“ is realized out of high-quality cardboard, entirely recyclable and at the same time produced at low costs. High quality, complete customizability and the quick set-up offer a universally applicable and trendsetting advertising system, which uses only ecological cardboard: easy to recycle, inexpensive to produce. GREENBOARDER® convinces with its inner values and aesthetic qualities: an Italian design and individual printability of the banner and the base –unthinkable for previous displays in aluminum. Moreover, also the banner’s print is created through ecofriendly and sustainable techniques and materials. Through the specially developed printing process, the stable base can be adapted to every costumer requirement. Hence, an additional advertising space is created. 

GREENBOARDER® with its low weight (ca. 2,7 kg) is a step ahead all other products, easy to transport and quickly storable, our “green” display can be used anywhere. The quick set-up requires neither tools, nor special craftsmanship. All components, such as the modular cardboard bars, the banner and fixing tools are included in the base. Our “green” newcomer is ready for use during events and campaigns. 

GREENBOARDER® is the disposable –“roll-in” solution. Let the slogan “we think and display green” become also your communication philosophy! GREENBOARDER® supports your event, your brand and your campaigns, flexible and accurately integrated in your POS or other location. The advantage: after using the display, its disposal will be easy & quick! 

So, what is left of your GREENBOARDER® at the end of the day? 
A positive feedback & satisfaction. What else?



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