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What means 100% customizable?
Greenboarder is an integrated advertising stand. Contrary to other banner stands, you can customize both the banner and the base! This is an important, unique plus and a value added for you and your customers, opening new possibilities to your marketing and print ideas.

Which technique is used for printing banner and base?
Print and material are very Environment friendly. We use a new printing technique with ink Jet and water solvent ink for the base. For printing the banner we use high-Resolution HP Latex digital print with water solvent inks. For banner and base we print with solvent free inks.

Which Printer and which paper you recommend for printing the banner?
We recommend the environmental friendly HP Paper super heavy weight plus matte 210g/m² and the latex digital Printer HP Designjet L25500. Of course you can also use any other paper from 175g/m² up to 300g/m². For the Printer we recommend to use latex digital Printers with ecological inkjet Technology. The innovative water based HP Latex inks bring same results as the solvent-inks, but are not smelling and do not emit harmful substances.

Is Greenboarder water resistant?
No. Greenboarder is made of cardboard and paper, so it should not come into contact with water. For a perfect performance it should be stored and transported under cool and dry conditions. In order to ensure a perfect stand and life period, the indoor climate should be dry and warm and with air humidity around 50%.

Can I use Greenboarder outdoors?
Greenboarder can be use also outdoors, but only under the same conditions of an indoor situation. Please consider that Greenboarder is completely made of paper and cardboard. Wind, rain, wet conditions and high humidity are influencing the performance and life period.

How often can I use Greenboarder?
Greenboarder was designed for single use. When using the banner display with care, it can last more times and we can provide you with just a new printed banner. Please consider that the cardboard is worn the more you use it. The display‘s duration strongly depends on how carefully it is set up, the temperature and air humidity.

Is Greenboarder also available in other sizes?
Greenboarder is at the Moment available in the indicated sizes. We can also offer customized sizes on demand whenever the requested quantity and size are within the range of capability.

Is it possible to print on the base after purchase?
You can customize the cardboard base with Laminate anytime. Printing the folded cardboard base afterwards is not possible any more.


How can I order?
To make an order you have to be a registered customer and log in. If you are not registered yet, you will be ask to give your contact information in the registration form. As soon as we processed your registration, you will receive an e-mail with your login information.

How can I pay?
In Greenboarder Shop you can pay with PayPal. Existing customers can choose to pay against invoice.

How are shipments handled?
All goods are sent directly to the delivery address indicated by you with selected couriers. For delivery to countries outside the EU or not indicated in our list please contact us directly at For deliveries within italian territory we charge VAT tax. We can deliver VAT free to EU countriesonly when you provide us with your valid VAT number.

How long are delivery times?
Products without print are ready for shipment in one working day. Products that need to be printed are normally ready for shipment in about 2-3 working days. Transportation terms depend on the delivery address.

To which countries do you ship?
We ship to most of the countries with the EU. For other countries and exports outside the EU please contact us directly

Where can I find the printing template and Information for printing files?
Just click on the choosen product. You will find all necessary Information in the download aerea.

Can I have my print data checked for quality?
Your print data is checked automatically during upload regarding file size and Resolution. We do not edit or correct your print layouts!

What happens when my print layouts do not pass the automatic check?
In the upload manager the uploaded files are marked as not valid. You have to change your print files according to the requirements and upload them again.

Can I order a proof for my prints?
We can provide a proof on demand. Please contact us directly at

What to do if my order is not delivered?
Please contact us directly at indicating the order number.

What to do in case of a claim?
Please contact us immediately at indicating the order number. Please Claim transport damages directly on delivery (sign with "conditional acceptance") and send us in case of transport or product claims also a picture by email. All this will help us to resolve the claim quickly.

Only recyclable, eco-friendly and PVC-free paper and cardboard are used for the production of Greenboarder. All Greenboarder components are made of completely recyclable materials, no more residual waste!


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